Rivervale Cars Ltd trading as Business Car Contracts will hold information about yourself or your company. You agree that we may use the information held to;

  1. Update our records about you or your company
  2. Provide you with services
  3. Provide you with information and relevant offers from the Rivervale Cars Ltd group only

In order to improve our service to our current or prospective clients we may use your information for research purposes.
You can at any time request a copy of the information that we hold for you.

Any information that we hold about you is confidential and we will not disclose it unless;

  1. Your consent has been given
  2. In order to gain professional advice
  3. Prevention of Crime – we or others need the information in order to investigate a crime (Crime prevention agencies)
  4. It is required or permitted by law
  5. A duty to the public requires it
  6. A governmental or regulatory body requests or requires it

Use of Cookies and other Tracking Software 
Our website uses Cookies and other approved tracking software to collect the following information;

  1. The use of the website by the user
  2. The connection speed of the user
  3. The operating system of the user
  4. What time the user accessed our website
  5. The length of the users visit
  6. The users IP Address

Cookies and tracking software are widely used and do not identify the individual, only the computer being used. Cookies will also serve a purpose of making it easier for the computer to visit our website in the future.
No attempt will be made to personally identify the individual from the used IP address unless a matter of law or regulation requires it. The majority of browsers accept cookies automatically.
If you wish, you can configure your browser options to refuse cookies and delete existing cookies. By doing this you may find that some areas of our website do not function correctly.

The information collected by cookies and tracking software helps us to understand the usage of our website;

  1. Amount of visitors our website has
  2. Details about particular pages
  3. Length of time pages are viewed for

This helps us to adjust our website and tailor it to the information that is required, hopefully making the website better and easier for its users.

Telephone/Email Monitoring 
For training and development purposes we may monitor, record, store or use any email, telephone or electronic communications. This helps make sure that all information given to our clients is clear and correct.

Your Privacy – Protecting it 
Appropriate security measures are taken by us to ensure that sensitive personal data processed about you is kept as safe as possible. 
We are not liable and do not accept any responsibility for the security of any personal data you transmit via the internet. You agree that your use of the internet and our site is totally at your own risk.

If for any reason you believe that your privacy has been breached by us, please contact:

Vince Pemberton
Rivervale House
50 Victoria Road
East Sussex
BN41 1XB

It is not acceptable for you to use any information, services or products supplied by us for illegal purposes including accessing, transmitting or receiving any illegally deemed material, offensive, indecent or otherwise unacceptable under UK and EU law.
You must not use any false information when communicating with us in email, telephone or any other communication.
Any usernames or passwords given to you must remain secret and must never be disclosed unless our prior written authorisation is obtained first.
You must not attempt unauthorised entry to access another individual’s account.
You must not use our network systems or services or any other part for fraudulent activities, cross-network hacking or breach of another organisations. Any kind of illegal act in this manner will result in criminal prosecution.

Credit or Hire Applications 
Upon application for a credit or hire agreement, we or the finance / leasing company will search your record via a credit reference agency. Details of this search will be added to your record and will be visible to other organisations conducting searches.
Director and Partners of firms applying for credit or hire will also be searched. Any financial association you may have with other people will be viewable via the credit reference agency. In this situation you may be treated as linked and assessed with any associated records.
If you are a joint applicant, or a director of a company, you must confirm that;

  1. You have permission to disclose the relevant information about a joint applicant or any fellow director / partners
  2. You are giving us authorisation to search, record and link any information submitted to us about a joint applicant, director, partner or anyone else referred to by you

A credit scoring system will be used when assessing your application.When an agreement has been taken, the leasing / finance company will add details of the agreement, the payments you make under the agreement and any default or failure to keep to its terms and conditions to your credit record. They will also record a failure to tell us of a change of address where a payment is overdue.

The records will be shared with other organisations and will be used by both them and us in order to make future decisions about credit and/or credit related services like insurance. It will also be used to trace debtors, recover debt and manage your credit account.
For the above purposes, the leasing/finance company may make further searches; these will be added to your account but will not be shared with others.

If we identify fraud via false or inaccurate information, fraud prevention agencies will be informed and further action may be taken.
The following information will be shared with other organisations in order to prevent fraud and money laundering;

  1. Credit related accounts and facilities
  2. Application details for credit and credit related activities
  3. Debt recovery
  4. Applications and claims for all types of insurance
  5. Job applicants and Employees

Law enforcement agencies may also access this information.Fraud Prevention Agencies from other companies will also be used by us and other organisations.

If you wish for us to supply you with the details of any credit reference and fraud prevention agencies from whom we obtain information, please email us at   

Sharing Your Information 
Information about you and your agreement will be kept on our database. We will pass any information about you or your agreement to an administrator that you have appointed, to your insurer for claims handling, fraud prevention and administration, to insurance companies or for recovering any amounts owing or to whom we transfer an agreement to.
Should you request, we can supply you with a copy of any information we hold about you. Please contact us by email to   

Using your information – Marketing 
We will only use your information to tell you about services offered by the Rivervale Cars Ltd Group that we deem to be of interest to you. At any point, you have the right to request that we do not contact you or pass your details to others for these purposes. Please email us at  to request this.

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