The European Commission's Vehicle Safety Standard Proposal

The European Commission's Vehicle Safety Standard Proposal

The European Commission has proposed 12 key safety features they believe should be fitted as standard on all new cars from 2021.

The European Commission believe that 90% of all accidents on our roads are due to human error, so believe increasing the amount of safety features could compensate for these mistakes.  The impact is forecasted to be a reduction in deaths by 7,300 over a decade and reduction in the amount of serious injuries by 38,900.

The 12 safety features involved are;

  1. Advanced Emergency Braking
  2. Alcohol Interlock Installation Facilitation
  3. Drowsiness and Attention Detection
  4. Emergency Stop Signal 
  5. Accident Data Recovery 
  6. Intelligent Speed Assist
  7. Lane Keeping Assist
  8. Reversing Camera or Detection System
  9. Distraction Recognition and Prevention
  10. Full-width Frontal Occupant Protection (improved seatbelts)
  11. Pole Side Impact Occupant Protection
  12. Head Impact Zone Enlargement for Pedestrians and Cyclists

All of these safety features are already available, but generally tend to appear only as options or on the higher trim levels in a model range.  If the UK adopts the European Commission's proposals it will bring advanced safety technology to all vehicles.

An Alcohol Interlock device may not be familiar to everyone.  This device requires a driver to give a clear sample of breath before the car will turn on.  This is already used in some countries for drivers who have previously been banned due to drink driving, which is the circumstances the European Commission are proposing it is used in across Europe.  Having the necessary preparation in every car will mean this device can be fitted quickly and easily and will prevent those previously convicted of drink driving reoffending.

The UK government has not yet made any announcements as to whether it intends to adopt the Commission's proposals or not.

What do you think of the Commission's proposals?

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