The Updated Volkswagen Touareg

The Updated Volkswagen Touareg

The updated version of the Volkswagen Touareg is due to go on sale any day now with a starting price somewhere in the region of £49,000.

The Touareg is a part of the large SUV segment and was launched in 2003.  This third generation is getting even bigger with a 77mm increase in length and 44mm increase in width.

The Touareg features Volkswagen's new Innovation Cockpit screen.  It is a 15" glass display which can be controlled via touch, voice or gesture.  This allows all the buttons and knobs to be cleared from the dashboard creating an uncluttered, modern feel.  You can use Car-Net App Connect to sync compatible apps from your smartphone and handle all your incoming calls and messages handsfree.

volkswagen touareg

The Touareg features new night vision technology.  An infrared beam is used to scan up to 300 metres ahead.  Thermal radiation is detected, and an image is projected onto your Innovision screen, if you are in danger of colliding with an object up ahead your Touareg will give you a warning.  In the day the Touareg uses IQ. Light.  In this system a camera looks to the road ahead and automatically changes the distribution of light.  For example, if a car is coming toward you, the headlights can be dipped to avoid dazzling the other driver.

The new Touareg features a tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof that extends all the way to the rear seats allowing the light and fresh air in at the touch of a button.  Head-up display can project key driver information onto the windscreen and the easy open boot package means just the wave of your foot can provide access.

volkswagen touareg

The Touareg should always provide a comfortable journey thanks to air suspension which will automatically adjust to whichever terrain you are on.  Additionally, you can raise the car by 300mm to give yourself extra ground clearance should you need it.

volkswagen touareg

Advanced safety technology now available includes Emergency Assist. This system uses a range of driving assistance technologies together, if the system detects you are no longer in control of the vehicle it will try to alert you.  If there is no response, the hazard warning lights will be activated and automatic braking will begin.  In the case of a medical emergency your vehicle can be stopped safely reducing the likelihood of a collision.  If an accident does occur at any time in the Touareg, the eCall system will alert the Volkswagen Emergency Call Centre and the emergency services can be sent to your location if needed. 

The Proactive Occupant Protection System available on the new Touareg aims to spot the risk of collision and react to improve safety within the car, with actions such as tightening the seatbelts, moving the seats to an upright position and closing the doors, windows and sunroof.  Other safety features include; Adaptive Cruise Control, Intersection Assist, Park Assist and Traffic Jam Assist.

Details of the engines available have not yet been released but Volkswagen's 3 litre v6 diesel engine is thought to feature at launch, with a v6 petrol version following later in the year.  A 4-litre v8 turbo diesel and a plug-in hybrid are rumoured to be joining the line-up as well, but there is no release date for these engines.

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