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  3. We reserve the right, at any time to change our Terms & Conditions which will become effective immediately upon posting to the website. Any use of ‘us’ ‘our’ and ‘we’ means Business Car Contracts. Any use of ‘you’ means the user of the website.

Information on Our Website

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Vehicle Specification and Information

  1. All vehicle specification and information shown on our website is supplied by the vehicle manufacturers to CAP and is manipulated by us for our website use. Although we make every effort to make sure that all data is correct, the information should be used as a guide only and you should not base your decision to hire, lease or purchase a vehicle without checking the data and information with a manufacturer or franchised dealership. Business Car Contracts will not be liable for any inaccuracies in any information contained on the website and are therefore not liable for any loss or damage arising from such information contained on our website.
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  3. Any website is vulnerable to vandalism and us such we do not accept any responsibility for any information shown as a result of this sort of action.
  4. Business Car Contracts reserve the right to change any information shown on the website without prior notice.
  5. Some diesel cars will be fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter, please click here to view further information to ensure that a vehicle fitted with a DPF meets your requirements.

Prices Shown

  1. Business leasing prices shown exclude VAT.
  2. Personal leasing prices shown include VAT.
  3. Business Car Contracts reserve the right to change the price of any vehicle at any point, before or after an order has been subjected. We will always notify you of any change and give you the right to withdraw your order in such situation.
  4. All prices shown on the website are for illustration purposes only and are not an offer to you. We will supply you with a correct quotation at time of ordering for acceptance by you.
  5. We may require a deposit from you prior to acceptance of your order. Cancellation may result in charges incurred by Business Car Contracts and may result in loss of your deposit.
  6. Should the rate of VAT change between the acceptance of an order by Business Car Contracts and the delivery of such ordered vehicle, payments will be adjusted accordingly.

Vehicle Orders

  1. An order submitted by you to us is an instruction to us to obtain the ordered vehicle at the price initially quoted, similar to that of the advertised price.
  2. Following an initial application, you will give us permission to carry out a credit check on you or employer. If you have applied on behalf of a business, you will be agreeing that you have permission to grant us authority to credit search the business. Once an application has been approved an order will be created for you to view and accept.
  3. An order does not create a contract between Business Car Contracts and you. Your order gives us permission to search for and acquire the requested vehicle in the correct specification, colour and price agreed. You must enter into a financial agreement with the relevant leasing / finance company. You are not committed to any such agreement until it has been signed by you and executed by the leasing / finance company.
  4. We have the right to cancel any such order should the required vehicle not be obtainable.

Cancellation Charges 


Prior to delivery of the vehicle, all figures quoted by us are subject to review in the event of there being any changes in the costs on which they are based – in which case deposits would be refundable and the order may be cancelled by either party, subject to the customer indemnifying Business Car Contracts against any loss incurred due to cancellation by the customer.

Registration and Delivery

  1. Upon receipt of any correctly completed financial documents, proofs and any applicable payments, Business Car Contracts will arrange delivery of your chosen vehicle to your chosen UK Mainland delivery address.
  2. If your delivery address is over 100 miles from our offices you may incur additional delivery costs, Business Car Contracts reserve the right to charge these on to you. We will inform you of any such charges prior to delivery.
  3. Initial delivery dates and lead times are estimates only and we are not bound by any date quoted. Any delivery date can be subject to change by the relevant manufacturer and Business Car Contracts has no influence over such dates. We will not accept any consequential losses or damages incurred by any such delay however caused.
  4. Please be aware that any compulsory ‘cooling off’ periods are enforced by the leasing / finance companies and Business Car Contracts will not delivery a vehicle until such ‘cooling off’ period has expired. We will inform you of this date prior to booking a delivery date.
  5. Any vehicle subject to a lease or financial agreement will require proof of comprehensive insurance before a delivery can take place. Please be aware that the insurance certificate must show the hirer/purchaser as the main policy holder or a named driver on the insurance policy.

Excess Mileage Charges

Excess mileage charges can vary from each leasing/finance company. Any charges relating to excess mileage on your requested contract will be provided in advance for you to accept.

Damage Recharge Costs

When a vehicle has been on lease and is handed back to the leasing / finance company, damage re-charge costs can be incurred. At time of order Business Car Contracts may offer you the chance to take a ‘Smart Protect’ insurance policy to help alleviate any charge where possible but you do not have to take this insurance. For more information on the BVRLA guidelines to fair wear and tear please visit their website http://www.bvrla.co.uk/service/fair-wear-and-tear-guides 

Administration Fees

Business Car Contracts operate a ‘no hidden charges’ policy. We do not charge any kind of documentation or administration fee unless otherwise stated. 

Commission Disclosure

We are an independent vehicle leasing broker. We may receive commission or other benefits for introducing you to our leasing partners.

Complaints Procedure

It is our aim to provide and extremely high standard of service to every client that we have. It is very important that  we are informed of any complaint you may have as soon as possible so that we can work to resolve the problem promptly and efficiently.
If you have any kind of complaint please either contact us by telephone or in writing with the following information;

  • Full name and contact information
  • Your agreement details
  • Full details of your complaint
  • What you would like us to do to help the situation
  • Copies of any relevant paperwork
    Please contact us with your complaint on 01444 471000 or by email enquiries@businesscarcontracts.co.uk

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